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How to make $30,000 in 30 days

April 24, 20234 min read

If you had to generate $30,000 in revenue for your Coaching Business in the next 30 days as if your life depended on it, what would you do?

I was recently tasked with answering that exact question for a client. So…how to generate $30,000, in completely new business, for their coaching firm in the next 30 days?

So here is how we did it:

First, we needed sales calls, and we needed them fast because the sooner we started getting sales calls booked in, the sooner we could start generating revenue and, by consequence, the more likely we would be to hit the goal.

We didn’t have time to work on organic strategies where most of the cost is time.

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We needed a really simple sales process with minimal setup time, really dialled in content that would qualify out bad leads and capture & educate the good ones.

With such a compact time frame, we needed our prospects coming into the sales calls already highly qualified and also educated on the transformation they could expect our client to deliver.

So we rapidly built a simple sales funnel that pre-qualified and educated prospects for us automatically.

We recorded a 20-minute video that told a story, briefly explained the process, highlighted their ideal customer avatar’s pain points, and presented the offer.

We designed the video carefully to target and allow them to filter themselves out if they didn’t fit the required investment mold. This helped ensure that the leads we generated were high-quality and more likely to convert.

The next challenge was traffic. We didn’t have time to run through a 6-week organic cycle and direct message people, so we decided to run an ad campaign.

We created a 60-second ad video that called out our ideal prospect and kept the targeting simple and broad. We set our budget at $250 per day and launched the campaign.

Our certainty about the funnel we had set up as well as the confidence that it would work is why we were able to swing big and really hustle for sales like this.

On launch, we expected the following approx numbers based on our experience with sales funnels and our video:

Lead cost between $5 and $20

10-15% book a sales call

70% will show up for the calls

I was doing the sales, and I know I close at 35% on average

So what happened?

We ran the ad campaign for 5 days, spending $1250.

From that we generated 82 leads (lead cost approx $15)

12% of those booked a sales call = 10 sales calls

My close rate was higher than average thanks to our client having a killer offer and our funnel working really well. I closed 4 x $5k deals totalling $20,000 in sales. Not bad but also not the $30k goal, however we had proved the concept and illustrated how data driven marketing is a numbers game when you know what you are doing.

We were spending $250 per day, and we weren’t pushing the ad campaign too hard at all. We knew that if we allowed the system to continue running for 30 days, we’d well and truly achieve the $30,000 revenue goal, likely making more than double the goal amount.

In fact, if we ran the system for 10 days out of the 30 and sat 20 sales calls during that time, we’d still generate well over $30,000.

The reality is, people often shy away from ads because they don’t know what to expect, or because they had an awful experience once.

In the case of the latter scenario, that was likely because they tried to do it themselves, not understanding what works and what does not work.

However, if you take a proven formula that has generated 7 figures and implement it with your own benchmark metrics, it becomes a game of numbers, an equation. Input = X, output = Y.

As a business owner, but also as someone who cares about his client’s businesses, I want a sales system that I can scale where my clients’ prospects come to them ready and where we can use the incredible technology available today to create semi-automated lead generation and pre-selling machines.

If you’re interested in implementing and managing these Sales Systems (Done-For-You) on a percentage of your profit basis, send me a message.

It’s not the only way to grow your B2B business, in fact at SFL we have many organic options as well as paid ones, but it is the fastest if you want sales calls now and don’t want to wait around.

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